Young Thug's Lawyer Files Second Motion To Recuse Judge From YSL Trial

Young Thug

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Young Thug's attorney has filed a second motion to recuse two judges from the YSL RICO trial.

On Tuesday, July 9, Brian Steel submitted a supplement to the initial motion he filed last month to remove Judge Ural Glanville from the case. In his original motion, Steel requested for Glanville to step down after he and prosecutors reportedly conducted a meeting with witness Kenneth "Woody" Copeland without Steel or any other defense lawyer present. According to Atlanta Journal-Constitution writer Jozsef Papp, Steel's 233-page motion requests for both Glanville and new Judge Rachel Krause to be recused from the case.

Judge Krause is currently in charge of ruling whether or not Glanville should continue presiding over the YSL trial. Glanville passed the responsibility over to Krause last week after he paused the trial due to Steel's motion. Steel argued that Krause should also be barred from getting involved with the case because contributed to each other’s re-election campaigns earlier this year. Glanville donated $2,000 to Krause and she returned the favor by giving $500 to his campaign.

Steel also named District Attorney Adriane Love and prosecutor Simone Hylton in his new motion and said both of them should be removed as well. He cited the meeting with Copeland again and claimed Judge Glanville, Love and Hylton "shall never be trusted by Mr. Williams or undersigned counsel.”

“The criminal justice system in Fulton County, in the State of Georgia and in America has been attacked by the conduct of these three actors," Steel wrote.

The second motion comes weeks after Glanville held Steel in contempt for declining to reveal the person who told him about the meeting with Copeland. Young Thug's attorney dropped the bombshell allegation during a hearing last month, which infuriated the judge. Glanville gave Steel an ultimatum to reveal his source or be held in contempt. After Steel refused, Glanville had him arrested and sentenced to 20 days/10 weekends in jail. He was later granted bond pending an appeal.

As of this report, the YSL RICO trial is still on hold until a ruling for Steel's motion is made.

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