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April 03, 2017

The Bottom Line: Ways to help you build consistent workout habits.

Wish you were one of those women who worked out every single day? We do too sometimes, but we’ll settle for just working out more often. And here are some ways to make that happen.

Don’t quit after the first week - It takes a little time to settle into a new routine, so be patient. Some experts say it could take as long as 66 days to form a new habit, so give yourself a few weeks at least before you give up.

Buy a new outfit - It could motivate you to hit the gym before work if you had something to get excited about wearing.

Enlist a buddy - Having someone who’s counting on you to show up makes you accountable. And it’s more fun to have someone to roll your eyes to when the instructor tells you you’re only halfway done.

Reward yourself - But not with Oreos, that undoes so much good you’re doing. Try treating yourself to a manicure or something non food-related instead.

Train for something - Having a specific goal to run in a local 5k or do a headstand in yoga motivates you to follow through with working out so you can reach your goal.

Find a fun workout - It sounds obvious, but people give up on their sweat sessions when they get bored, so go with a class that appeals to you and keeps you interested. When you get tired of it, switch it up and try something else.

Source: PureWow

Thought Starters:

 How often do you workout? Are you motivated to exercise or do you really have to force yourself to do it? Have you ever signed up for something to force yourself to train for it? How did it work out? 

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